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physical aqua therapie

The concept of our physical aqua therapy treatments

Our rehabilitation therapist Edy Adnyana has already 3 international certificates. He’s using a combination of different methods teaching special needs to children to handle their body to move safe and to improve their physical skills.

Edy is using:

– russian and chinese methods of physical development
– elements of Feldenkrais method (intelligent integration body and mind
– Rolfing methods for relieve pain, blocks and spastic
– water exercise

Most of our children show a significant improvement in safe moving skills after our training during a Dolphin Therapy treatment.

The additional cost of the physical aqua therapy treatment is 650.000 IDR per session.


The aqua therapy sessions in our pool:

Our physical therapy program often includes training in the water according to the children’s needs. It is not possible to overestimate the importance of these physical aqua training sessions. All body muscles are working in such a aqua pool session and most of the children feel much more safe and relaxed in water and as a consequence, more confident with their own body movements. They usually try movements and dare to move in a way they would be afraid to try on land.
Aqua water sessions strongly involves the cerebellum and thereby stimulating balance skills. Many exercises, especially teaching a child to get up, it is best to start learning it in a aqua water session, because in the water children are not afraid to fall and that insures and maintains them to be able to move safe in the water without the support of a parent! Besides that, in aqua water session classes our therapist softly includes work with the entire craniosacral system: in the rest time between the sessions & exercises for relaxation our physiotherapist will gently balance the craniosacral system of the child, which provides release of clamped blood vessels, thereby stimulating further mental development of the child.


Rehabilitation Programs at Melka Excelsior Hotel include a wide range of methods which are very helpful for:
– CP children
– Children with autistic syndrome
– Delay development(caused by different reasons)
– Speech delay development
– All kinds of neuroses, including logo neurosis, stuttering, tics post-traumatic conditions of children and adults
– Depression and many other kinds of disorders

Our therapy program offers:
– Physical therapy includes a few different methods to improve our
patients skills of moving and to be more independent and safety.
Our rehabilitation therapist are working on land as well as in the water
and offer training for special needs of children.
– Speaeh developing lessons, using also “Forbrain” earphones equipment.
– Aqua healing therapy massage (a very special massage by our therapist
in a warm water pool)
– Psychological consulting for parents and for children

Contact us to get further information about our therapy packages and the great results children develop in our therapy center.

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