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Meet our dolphins

Bali Dolphins Lovina

Welcome to the Dolphin Pool at the Melka Excelsior Hotel in Lovina, Bali. The home of our 5 dolphins Gombloh, Dewa, John, Rocky and Rambo

Our dolphins at Melka are very special. Four have been rescued from a circus where they were severely mistreated, and one was injured in a fishing net. Here they have recovered their health. Now they work with humans for play and healing. If you come to the dolphin pool you are entering their home. In the ocean, dolphins travel great distances and have complete freedom to move quickly wherever they wish to go. They can choose whether or not to interact with humans. So here we must respect their space.

Did you know that researchers believe that:

  • Dolphins have their own language with up to a trillion words
  • Dolphin brains are larger than human brains and have 40% more thinking ability
  • Dolphins have abilities to heal humans that we do not yet fully understand.
  • Dolphins once walked on land
  • Dolphins use sonar to locate items and communicate
  • Dolphins are intelligent creatures who have capabilities equal to or exceeding humans




Gombloh is king of the pool. He is a guardian of his home. You can see him patrolling with his eyes and sensing everything that is going on. He is a warrior, always alert and watching. Watch his head move from side to side as he scans the action around his home, always alert, always watching for danger. He hears you and he feels your emotions. If you are quiet, you can feel him sensing you. Clear you mind and wait and see if you feel his scan in your body. Gombloh is an alpha male who rarely allows strong men in his pool.

John and Rambo are two male dolphins who play together in the other pool. John was the first dolphin to come to the hotel. He was rescued from a circus where he was living in chlorinated water and was blinded. John was beaten, his teeth were broken and he lived in a small pool where he was left to die. He was rescued and brought to the Melka where he has gained back weight and lived for two years. Jack is his younger friend who plays and swims with him and guides him around the pool. Both of them began their lives in the ocean and were caught in the nets of fishermen, a dangerous problem for dolphins. You will see them rough housing and tumbling like young boys in the pool and we take special care when you are in the pool with them for your safety. Dolphin play can be rough for humans so please follow the instructions of the handlers and limit your time in the water or enjoy watching them play from the side of the pool.





You may see our dolphins in the show, view them in the pools, swim with them, or even have a special therapy treatment. Just being in the presence of dolphins is a rare and special experience and fun for the family.

In addition to our shows and interaction, the dolphins are part of a human dolphin therapy program that is changing lives. Children and adults are working with therapists and the dolphins to pinpoint illness and see if dolphin interaction can lead to healing. You may see this in the pool, if so, please be as quiet as possible and watch the extraordinary interaction unfold. The dolphins know instinctively where disease exists and help the therapists identify the problem. There is much we do not know about the benefits of this therapy but are learning more each day. There are no guarantees for healing or dramatic changes, but many people report subtle changes in the body and emotions after encounters with dolphins. If you would like to learn more about the program or apply for an appointment, fill out the Dolphin Assisted Therapy Application Form on the website,

Many cultures around the world believe that dolphins are sacred animals.

From the beginning of time, there are many stories and legends of dolphins saving humans from drowning and pinpointing illness and healing.

At Melka we have a dream: to create an education center where people and dolphins will learn from one another. We hope that someday people will stop abusing dolphins, catching them in fishing nets, and hunting them. Until then, there are many dolphins who need to be rescued and people who want to learn more about their lives and interact with them. If you would like to learn more about the education center as it develops, or make a contribution in the future, please contact us at Melka Excelsior Hotel Resort Bali.