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Dolphin Therapy Programs

Bali Dolphin Therapy Program

The program follows certain steps:

  • Introduction
  • Intake/ anamneses: people who bring medical information spend less time with intake
  • Observation of the client
  • Expectations/ goals: together we decide what to work on
  • DAT: what does DAT mean for this specific person
  • Optional therapy activities*
  • Every day evaluation of the dolphin swim
  • Advice/ counseling
  • End evaluation/ exit conversation

Dolphins cannot cure. They can have positive effects on the communication-, motor-, or other developmental skills.

Dolphin therapy for 1 day – 3 days:

Of course you are welcome to try dolphin therapy as an introduction. But remember dolphin therapy for 1 until 3 days is most of the times too short to make a difference. The client needs to get used to the dolphins and the swimming. Sometimes we have to start in the pool next to the dolphin pool.

Our advice: come at least 1 week.

One week will the minimum time for a client to get to know the DAT and for the therapists to get to know the client. In a week we are able to establish a goal where we can work on.

Dolphin assisted therapy does not always mean swimming with the dolphins. We will try to let the person float on his/ her back between the dolphins. This can be very difficult. When clients need more help to float into the dolphin pool, we do pre- dolphin therapy. This will prepare the clients for the dolphin therapy. This can mean:

  • starting with getting comfortable with the pool, the life vest and the therapist. We do this in the pool next to the dolphin pool, so we still use the positive energy of the dolphins.
  • sitting on the stairs in the dolphin pool, trying to touch the dolphins. Slowly from that place we try to go into the water.

Swimming with the dolphins is only a piece of the therapy. We will try to offer you more customized help. To know if the client is ready to swim with the dolphins, you can try to swim in a normal pool and make him/ her float on the back with the head in the water. You can also practice this.

This therapy program tries to involve the whole family if possible.

*Special attention or care can mean: relaxation, music, making art, play, horse riding, massages, balancing exercises (in the water).

The longer time the client stays the more progress can be expected. For parents who come with children, we would appreciate their cooperation for the benefit of the child.

PLEASE NOTE: Because of safety precaution children under age of 2 years are not allowed to enter the dolphin pools. Therapy treatments will be held on the edge of the dolphin pool with visual and touching contact to the dolphins.