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Dolphin Therapy Bali (DAT)

in Lovina – North Bali / Indonesia

Dolphin Therapy Bali (DAT) at Lovina – North Bali is a recreational, motivational and educational dolphin assisted therapy & healing program with various indications of disability. The dolphin encounter gives our clients the opportunity to develop new skills and behavior.

Our Dolphin Therapy Centre that provides dolphin assisted therapy (DAT) and healing programs to children & adults with paralysis, critical illnesses, disabilities, condition after stroke and special needs from all over the world. We invite you to meet our therapist, learn about (DAT) dolphin assisted therapy & healing, explore great resources for families and meet our dolphins in a peaceful atmosphere in the beautiful and natural North of  Bali Island.

Please check this website precisely for detailed information about our dolphins, their history and training, about the therapist and their educations and about dolphin child therapy and dolphin adult therapy & our healing programs (DAT) and indications. In the following pages we will tell you all about dolphin assisted therapy (DAT).

dolphin assisted therapy bali

We provide also special accommodations for our therapy clients in our special attractive therapy packages which include accommodation inclusive breakfast, various therapy options and also airport shuttle (transportation from and to Bali International Airport).

Please check especially our dolphin therapy packages and available further activities during your dolphin therapy healing program (DAT) for the entire family and companions of the client like swimming with dolphins in one of our dolphin pools.

Our dolphin assisted therapy facility on Bali Island offers also the possibility to complete an internship in Dolphin Assisted Therapy (DAT) for all interested nationalities. Please read more about our internship program here

Please note:
Our Dolphin Assisted Therapy Bali (DAT) project is not a medical treatment and dolphins does not provide miracle medical cures or change medical diagnosis.